Doug Hahn


Eight Days to Go

& what a mess!

An Untidy Itinerant’s Itinerary

I knew I’d be moving, so I didn’t renew my lease in Lakeview; I’ve been staying with my generous stepfather for about a month. Well, now that the move’s a week away I’m not only anxious, but I’ve realized just how disorganized everything is in my life right now.

Work’s been keeping me very busy — not only do I have to contend with daily content needs & ongoing projects, but I’ve been tasked with updating an affiliate’s older site to full HTML 5 (it’s got tables right now) … and of course new stylesheets. I enjoy it — learning is fun — but let’s compound this with the fact that my weekends are spent away from my “office” with friends and family wishing fond farewells. Oh, I’m also putting together a submission for a contest that happens to be due the day I catch my flight to San Francisco.

Part of my writing routine involves keeping my office tidy — a useful form of procrastination — but that’s clearly not the case lately. It might be that I feel fidgety outside my own space, but since I’ll be staying with a friend in San Francisco until February first, I’d better adapt, one way or another.

Here’s ye ol’ office in its current state (and feel free to consider it a metaphor for my brain’s current state):

A desk and table buried uner a flurry of paperwork, both personal and professional

It’s late. Tomorrow I’ve taken a half-day to visit family in Indiana, and then there’s drinks with friends on Saturday. And more plans for Sunday night. I suppose I can start getting organized Monday …

Ideas to add?