Doug Hahn


Goodbye, Chicago

I'll be back Wednesday or Thursday … hopefully

What a Week.

I’m finally (reluctantly) about to box up my mac and take it to FedEx; hopefully it’ll arrive in San Francisco by Wednesday. I’ve got my carry-on stuffed with reading material and a suitcase of clothes. I’m leaving behind many things, including thirteen boxes of books and some keepsakes that will ship when I get an address in February. I’ll be house-sitting for a friend through Monday, taking care of his cat Kumi and dog Hanzo, and have plans to see Noah Eli Gordon read on Saturday. I’ll be staying with another friend, who happens to have a spare room, until February; I’m already looking forward to settling into my own place. Here’s to hoping the Bay Area’s literary scene is at least as good as Chicago’s — I need something productive to do until I find a decent apartment.

Though I dread flying, I’m looking forward to re-discovering the city after I land. And I’m certain I’ve forgotten something important, but off I go — wish me luck!

Ideas to add?